Larapinta Itinerary

August 7th – Arrival

  • Flight arrival to Alice Springs Airport – taxi to YMCA
  • Arrange for Gas canisters, food to fill in back and 3 tubs for the trip
  • Pick up Food storage key from Visitors centre

Note: Food drop tubs will be dropped off by the local transport company. We will be packing our food for the hike that night.

8th August – Hike begins

  • Taxi from YMCA to Telegraph Station (Section 1)
  • Alice wanderer transport company pick up the tubs and distribute to the 3 food storage locations in Standley Chasm Campsite, Ellery Creek Campsite and Ormiston Gorge Campsite

8th Day 1: Section 1 – Telegraph Station to Wallaby Gap | 13.9kms – 5 hours (easy)
9th Day 2: Section 1 – Wallaby Gap to Simpsons Gap, visit Alice Springs Desert Park | 10.8kms (easy)
10th Day 3: Section 2 – Simpsons Gap to Mulga camp | 13.6kms (easy)
11th Day 4: Section 2 – Mulga camp to Jay Creek | 10.8kms (easy)
12th Day 5: Section 3 – Jay Creek to Standley Chasm | 13.6kms (Hard)
Food Drop @ Standley Chasm
• Catered ‘pampered’ 4 course dinners
• Supplemental provisions can be purchased at the kiosks
13th Day 6: Section 4 – Standley Chasm – Brinkley Buff | 10kms (Hard, best scenery) – 5hr
• Angkerle cultural experience – Half day tour with an indigenous guide (9am – 1pm)
14th Day 7: Section 4 – Brinkley Buff to Birthday Waterhole | 8kms (Hard, best scenery)
15th Day 8: Section 5 – Birthday Waterhole to Hugh Gorge | 14kms (Hard, best scenery)
16th Day 9: Section 6 – Hugh Gorge to Rocky Gully | 15.3kms (easy)
17th Day 10: Section 6 – Rocky Gully to Ellery Creek | 15kms (easy)
Food Drop @ Ellery Creek
• Supplemental provisions can be purchased at the kiosks
18th Day 11: Section 7 – Ellery Creek to Serpentine Gorge | 13.1kms ( Hard)
19th Day 12: Section 8 – Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam| 13kms (best scenery)
20th Day 13: Section 9 – Serpentine Chalet to Waterfall gorge | 16kms (hard, best scenery)
21st Day 14: Section 9 – Waterfall gorge to Ormiston gorge | 15.5kms (hard, best scenery)
Food Drop @ Ormiston Gorge
• Supplemental provisions can be purchased at the kiosks
22nd Day 15: Section 10 – Ormiston Gorge to Glen Helen/Finke River | 13.6kms (easy)
Glen Helen Private Camp site
23th Day 16: Section 11 – Glen Helen Junction to Rocky Bar Gap | 13.9kms (medium)
24th Day 17: Section 11 – Rocky Bar Gap to Redbank Gorge | 11.6kms (easy)
Note: Rest for an hour or so and then hike an additional 5 km towards Mt Sonder to camp so that the following day is shorter. This means we should be able to catch the bus on time.
25th Day 18: Section 12– Redbank Gorge to Mt Sonder (return) | 15kms (Hard, best Scenery)
Note: Leave 3am – for a 6:30 sunrise at peak, leave 7am to get bus at 11am.

August 25th

  • Redbank Gorge 11am Pick up AliceWanderer transport service, will pick up the 3 tubs on the way back to Alice Springs
  • Stay at Mercure Rest Alice Springs

August 26th

  • Taxi to the Alice Springs Airport
    • If you want to stay an extra night to explore Alice Springs a bit longer it will need to be organised by you.