Larapinta trip notes


At this point, you will need to supply your own food. We will need to pack for 4.5 days of food and potentially water depending on the availability closer to the date. There is possibly some space to include spare clothing – pending confirmation on tub size.

Alice Wanderer will drop off three tubs for our food drops. There will be 3 official campsites (including 1 Private campsite) where we will access our food drops at – Standley, Ellery Creek and Ormiston. Standley and Ormiston have kiosks with limited food stock, so you will be able to treat yourself there. It is still recommended for everyone to carry 4.5 days of food between drop sites, as it will be dependent on our arrival time to these sites whether those kiosks will be open.

Once we have completed the End to End trail, Alice Wanderer transport will pick us up and our food tubs on the way back to Alice Springs.

[Please refer to Paid Campsites for more information on kiosks]


We will be hiking in warm weather even for winter, and as such you will need to bring about 3-4 litres of water with you. I recommend investing in hydrolytes in either tablet or powder form (such as Sistema) and collapsible water bottles to lighten your pack weight!

At each section there will be either a water tank or reticulated bore water for you to refill your water. The quality of these waters is no guaranteed and it is highly recommended using some sort of filtering/purification method to avoid ingesting water containments.


Hiking distance will be between 10 to 18km per day, with roughly 500m of ascent and descent included.

It is highly recommended that you bring new hiking shoes/trail runners for this trail as you will shred them!

Hiking Level: Moderate to Challenging

Pack weight: Aim to be 18kg or less with consumables.


We will be camping at each section; tent areas are first in best dressed. You will need tents with standalone tent poles. It is recommended to have a mixture of wide tent stakes for sand and wire stakes to tie around rocks.

There are four three-side shelters provided for overnight camping, most camp sites will only provide tent space. [reviewing the locations]

In some areas Dingos have become a problem so store all food securely each night. To prevent any theft, footwear should be store inside tent or laces tied to a secure point.

Consider hanging your food bag in a tree to avoid animals getting them from inside your tent or ground camp area.


Larapinta Trail 2018 – EOI

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your patience for the long-awaited She Devil Trekker’s Larapinta trail detailed post!

Please note that She Devil Trekkers is not a business, we are a group of females promoting rewilding by hiking some of the amazing trails Australia has to offer. We are organising these trips ourselves to help keep costs manageable for all that attend.

Particular mention should be given to Janet Archibald, founder of the She Devil Trekkers. She continues to inspire those in the group to be happier, motivated and stronger women.


The brief trip plan is as follows:

The Larapinta trail hike will take 18 days plus another 2 days for arrival – the day before, and departure the day after (in total 20 days).

The date breakdown; August 7th – 26th

  • 7th August – Arrival and stay at the YHA (Accommodation details below)
    • Food drop tubs will be dropped off by the local transport company. We will be packing our food for the hike that night.
    • The experienced members of the group will go through each person’s pack to help shakedown gear that may not be required. We must keep weight at 18kg or less!
  • 8th August – Hike begins (the Itinerary for the hike itself is below)
    • Transport to Section 1 – is still being given consideration– it’s an hour to hike from the YHA to the 1st section, I will need to check what transport is available for such as short trip ( 20 minutes’ drive but for 10 passengers plus their packs).
    • Food drop camp sites – Standley, Ellery Creek and Ormiston
  • 25th August – Hike ends
    • Transport company will pick us up at Redrock Gorge, as well as our tubs on the way back to Alice Springs.
  • 26th August – Departure, most people to depart on this date. (Accommodation details below)
    • If you want to stay an extra night to explore Alice Springs a bit longer it will need to be organised by you.

Annual Leave – for those that want to know how many annual leave days they need to take – based on the dates it’s approximately 14 Business days.


Joining Criteria:

  • Message your Expression of Interest through She Devil Trekkers Contact page
  • You must pay $200 initial non-refundable deposit by 28th of March (UPDATED). This payment will be made to Jay once your expression of interest has been received. This commits you to attending the trip and allows Jay to begin making books for the trip. This includes the food drops (not food), transfer to and from Alice Springs from the trail, campsite costs, and other costs related to the hike itself. It does not include flights. 
  • Any additional costs and details will be discussed with everyone in a closed Facebook group. This will also allow us to discuss training, pack preparation, and any other questions for the trip.
  • As per the name She Devil Trekkers – we are looking for female and those that identify as female. We aim to be an autonomous and welcoming space for women and gender diverse people who are outdoor enthusiast and ask all to please be supportive of this.
  • We will have first aid trained participants and hired Personal Locator Beacons.

The She Devil Trekkers are a group that supports Beyond Blue, White Ribbon and the Black Dog Institute. For those that have their own struggles or believe that participating with a group of like-minded individuals to support you on the hike sounds like an amazing experience, come join the She Devil trekkers, for adventure and fun!